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【Meet Sanyu  Meet Sanyu】

【National Museum of History  X  JUST IN XX]

Inspired by the tens of billions of paintings by Sanyu SANYU in the National Museum of History, with the western oil painting tones and eastern calligraphy lines in art, it leads us back to the romantic and freehand street style of artists in the flower capital of Paris in the 1950s.

  Among the 37 new outfits released by the official New York Fashion Week, a large number of Sanyu's paintings were used as print patterns and design inspirations, including classic nude women turned into perspective street tops, vase-shaped tops and pants, leopard print printed jackets, large Playing with the iconic Western colors in Sanyu's paintings - pale pink, pink purple, khaki, etc The mottled feeling, the plaid that Sanyu loves to wear can also be seen in the series. Zhou Yuying uses the "color block wear" mode to make the whole series more lively and young.

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