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​Design cooperation with local craftsmen in Taiwan

The "SuperlinXX detachment" series is designed with the concept of transcending all connections and breaking away from the public imagination. It transforms the cultural relics collected by the Palace Museum into fashionable clothing. In addition to using a large number of traditional handicrafts, it also retains traces of the production process on the clothing to echo the cultural relics. It has a unique quality in itself.

This series of costumes is inspired by national treasures such as "Jade Jade Cabbage", "Jade Man and Bear", "Fuchun Mountain Dwelling", "Traveling in Streams and Mountains", "Fast Snow and Clear Posts" and other national treasures collected by the Palace Museum. Craftsmen participate in the production together, and through the artisan spirit of connecting ancient and modern national treasures through modern fashion, they create fashionable works with modern silhouettes and traditional traditions.

  • Indigo dyeing process: Teacher Chen Jinglin from Tiandye Workshop

  • Weaving process: Teacher Wu Caiqing of Taiwan Rush Society

  • Bead embroidery craftsmanship: Mr. Hu Meilan and Mr. Hu Meihua from Meigui Clothing Company

  • Three-dimensional embroidery craftsmanship: Teacher Lin Yuquan, Tainan City Guangcai Embroidery Village

  • Tattoo craft: Master tattoo Da Mao teacher

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