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Custom Made Uniform Design

In addition to fashion design, JUST IN XX also undertakes customized uniform design requirements from corporate brands. Designer Justin takes into account the needs of brands and the needs of employees in the workplace, combined with fashionable tailoring methods to create company uniforms that break through the traditional sterotypes.


The Team Taiwan Uniforms for the Tokyo Olympics

Designer Justin adheres to the creative concept of "More Local, More Global", and uses the tranditional Taiwanese window gratings as inspiration, integrating Taiwanese local elements into uniform design, such as plum blossom window gratings, rainbow lacquer buttons that symbolize multiculture, and use Taiwan's patented environmentally friendly fabrics to create sustainable and fashionable Olympic uniforms.

The National Palace Museum

Inspired by the "汝窯冰裂紋" in the National Palace Museum's collection, the imagery of cultural relics and artistic elements are incorporated, and combined with the needs of the exhibition site, it presents a professional image.


Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

Taking the architectural appearance of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum as the design idea, combined with the color of the lake, and connected with the main design of the building with white and black.


In addition to design fashionable uniforms, we also cooperate with DA.AI Technology to use bottle recycled PET material to make sustainable fabrics, which also include recycled empty bottles from GREENVINES consumers.

We give priority to the use of environmentally friendly materials and recycled fabrics, and create a corporate brand uniform design with regeneration and sustainability!

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